Captain Master

The Master is responsible to the Head office for:

  • The overall command of the vessel.
  • The safety of the crew, the ship, and her cargo and the environment.
  • In the course of the Company Policy, we seek revenge in the Overseas Instructions for the Fleet, Companions for Companies and the most important Official Instructions for the Company with the help of the security staff and the protection of the middle store .
  • The onboard discipline of all Officers and Crew, and appraisal of the same.
  • The safe navigation of the vessel.
  • Advising the Chief Engineer and Chief Officer of the relevant voyage details.
  • Ensuring that the voyage orders are fully understood and complied with.
  • Providing the Company and Charterers with accurate information regarding the cargo operations.
  • Advising the Company when instructions cannot be complied with or he is unsure of the intended instruction.
  • The supervision of all cargo and ballast space preparation including cleaning requirements.
  • Approving / verifying and signing the Chief Officer’s cargo plan.
  • Checking and signing as applicable of all cargo papers and documentation.
  • Advising the Company of any operational problems with respect to cargo operations like short loading, contamination, excessive ROB etc.
  • The checking and monitoring of any cargo / ballast plan prepared by the Chief Officer.
  • The communications with the Owners, the Company, the Charterer’s and any other party.
  • The compliance with any statutory, local, or international regulations which affects the ship.
  • The maintenance of the ship’s and crew certification required for trading.
  • The maintenance of the ship and her equipment.
  • The maintenance of all Company and other records which, are required to be maintained or submitted.
  • The reporting of any accident or damage affecting the ship, her crew or her cargo to the Company and other Parties as found necessary.
  • The proper accounting and safe keeping of the Company Funds.
  • The account of crew wages on monthly basis and at the time of sign off.
  • The execution of the Charter of the vessel in a professional and competent manner.
  • The checking of bunkers and stores prior to commencing a voyage to ensure that sufficient are on board.
  • Overall in charge of Training ship staff. He is assisted by Chief Officer and Chief Engineer in training of deck and engine cadets respectively.
  • The safeguard of the Owner’s and the Company’s interests at all times.
  • SSO tasks should the C/O be unable to perform duties for whatever reason.
  • The assurance that the provision inventory submitted on monthly basis are correct.
  • The undertaking of any other duties or instruction as required by the Company.
  • Designated Medical Administrator on vessel, responsible for taking appropriate actions when there is a medical case. Including the administration of medical care and communications of such incidents with shore based advisors. This responsibility can be designated to another suitably qualified officer onboard the vessel should the Captain chose to do so.
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