Departure of Pilot at tanker fleet vacancies

When the pilot is to leave the vessel, a navigating officer shall accompany him to the ladder and ensure that everything is in order as per paragraph 1.2., and that a member of the deck crew is standing by at the ladder to assist.

The navigating Officer overseeing the operation shall maintain radio contact with the bridge until the pilot is safely disembarked, and the pilot boat clear of the vessel’s side.

When bad weather, heavy swell and sea prohibit the disembarkation of the Pilot, the Master may decide to carry the pilot to the next port of call or an intermediate port in order to avoid loss of time. Where a pilot is disembarked from another port the Owners shall be informed immediately by email.

The extra expenses in relation to loss of time can be compensated for the P&I Club tanker fleet vacancies, and therefore the Master shall email a deviation statement and a specification on extra consumption of fuel oil used in relation to the disembarkation of the pilot.

Furthermore the Owners shall be informed of all other expenses in connection with the pilot’s stay on board. Travel expenses and expenses in relation to the disembarkation of the pilot are normally paid by the agent and debited to the Owners/Manager.

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