Injuries and illnesses of staff during seajobs

Immediate action

a After receiving a report of injury or serious illness, report it to the captain and call the scene of the accident:

  • Members of the first aid team with appropriate equipment (first aid kit, stretcher, resuscitator, hairpins, etc.).
  • a medical worker appointed on board.

b If there was no threat to his own life, the person who was originally at the scene was in charge of First Aid:

  • The airways are kept clean.
  • Respiration and heartbeat are provided (otherwise CPR is required).
  • Bleeding is controlled (chance does not move unless necessary).

c In a situation where the life of the rescuer may be endangered (for example, accidents in an atmosphere with a shortage of gas or oxygen in a confined space), then it is necessary to require the use of the resources of a normal on-board emergency with such safety equipment. as a device for breathing compressed air, etc.

d Portable radio means to establish between field operations seajobs and Master.

e Formulate a method of transporting accidents to the ship’s hospital and require additional equipment and personnel in case a vertical or near a vertical lift / lift is required.

f Company communication and relevant manuals from the International Radio Station (including C.I.R.M), which should be consulted for planning a possible “media wave”, with notification to the relevant external parties.

g If medevac is to be prepared, prepare for:

  • Get off the shore or another ship nearby (wings, stretcher, position, etc.).
  • Get a helicopter

(For safety, refer to the ICS Helicopter and Ship Operation Manual

Requirements depend on whether the helicopter will land on deck or only a winch is possible.

  • Transport accidents using your own lifeboat or lifeboat to a nearby ship with the best medical facilities.

h If necessary, seek medical attention by radio using the International Radio Station in Rome, which offers free medical advice to commercial vessels.
i Keep records of events if it may be necessary to complete an accident report form.

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