Man overboard procedures must know before apply for any shipping vacancies

Man Overboard – Immediate Discovery

Immediate action

When a watchmaker is notified that someone has fallen overboard, he must:

Leave one or both light and smoke buoys located on the wings of the bridge.
Signal the lifeboat
Call the master
Notify the engine room
Return the vessel to the scene by a suitable maneuver, for example

“Williamson’s Turn.” reduce speed

Stop when you return to the scene. Launch the lifeboat
Record the time and position
Notify vessels in surrounding waters, shore radio stations and search rescue centers
Continue to enter any actions taken in the logbook
If a person is found injured, decide if it is possible to treat injuries on board or seek medical attention

should be requested
If the person is found without injuries – resume the flight.


If the missing person/ applicant of shipping vacancies cannot be found immediately, a search operation should be organized in accordance with the attached IMO Merchant Search and Rescue Manual.

If the missing person is not found or is found dead or seriously injured, notify the Company and complete the Accident Report.

Notify the agent in the next port if the ETA changes.

Man Overboard – Unknown Point of Time At the time of opening

When the watch officer learns that someone has gone missing and may have fallen overboard, he must:
• Call the Master
• Keep the radio in standby mode
• Rescue signal sound

Arrange for the entire ship to make sure the missing person is not on board
The following facts may be important, among others:
observation of a missing person; when and where was last seen. Status and other relevant information (family and personality, etc.) water temperature

Stroke at the time of the accident
The course changes with the indication of time
Visibility before and during the accident
Wind and current, direction and strength
Speed ​​before and at the time of the accident – according to the reading of the log
Bearings and distances to other ships with the specified time
Always enter any actions performed in the logbook
Report the ship to the surrounding waters, coastal radio station and SAR centers

Decide whether to return or not:
• The captain is fully responsible for deciding whether or not to return the vessel. Even if it is a long time ago, when the missing person died overboard, the slightest possibility that the missing person is still alive is a sufficient reason to turn and search.

When turning

Report to the engine room. Correction and synchronization of time on board.

Move the position to a clean chart and keep the tracks constant. If course and rudder records are used, temporary statements should be made done.

Report the company and agent at the next call port.

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