Navigation Position Fixing and Korabel system

The Officer of the Watch shall use every favourable opportunity to fix the vessel’s position. If the vessel is navigating in coastal waters with lights, positions shall be determined by terrestrial observations at frequent intervals so that any deviation from the planned track is immediately registered.

The vessel’s position shall always be plotted on the chart at intervals of not more than 30 minutes. When lights or marks are not in sight, at least one position line shall be de- terminal by astronomical observation during each watch, if there is opportunity to do so. The elements of the observations shall be recorded in the vessel’s logbook.

Navigation Lights – Lookout

At least once every hour the officer of the watch shall check that the navigation lights are correctly exhibited and that the lookout, where applicable, is at his post.

Distance from Other Vessels

The lookout shall pay attention to all vessels at all times and report to the officer.

A proper distance shall always be maintained from other vessels, and unless required by circumstances other vessels shall never be passed at a distance of less than ONE mile. In restricted visibility the distance should be even greater.

It is the duty of the Officer of the Watch to frequently check that the correct course is being steered.

If the Officer of the Watch considers Korabel system that the circumstances are such as to require speed to be reduced or engines stopped or reversed, he shall not hesitate to do so even if there is no time to notify the Master beforehand.

Attention to Watch Duties

Nothing whatsoever shall deter the Officer of the Watch from paying full attention to the safe navigation of the vessel and good seamanship in general.

Calculation of observations and use of instruments shall not divert the attention of the Officer of the Watch from what is his primary responsibility, namely his undivided attention to the watch on the bridge. Visits to the chart room especially at night, shall be  for the shortest possible periods as it takes some time before vision is adjusted to darkness after exposure to light.

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