Seacareer Guidance : ACCOMMODATION FIRES

Only early detection becoming a disaster and immediate action can prevent an accommodation fire
Large quantities of toxic fumes can very quickly asphyxiate personnel and prevent the source of the fire being tackled.

Air conditioning on full or part recirculation will quickly spread smoke throughout the whole area.

Utmost care must be taken to ensure that the following basic rules are complied with.

i) No garbage or waste material is kept anywhere other than a designated place.
ii) All electrical appliances are correctly fitted and outlets are not overloaded.
iii)           No smoking in bed is strictly enforced.
iv)           The galley is not left unattended at any time when any of the equipment is in operation.
v)            All safety and fire fighting equipment distributed throughout the accommodation is in good working order and all crew have been instructed in the correct use of all such equipment.
vi)           Automatic smoke/fire detection systems are operable at all times.
vii)          Fire doors are correctly positioned.

Fires Involving Deep Fat Fryers

The appropriate seacareer Notice gives details on the requirements for this type of equipment to be fitted with a second safety thermostat, i.e. a thermal cut-out of the non-self- resetting type on equipment rated above 6kW. It also gives details on the fire-fighting appliances to be carried in the ship’s galley.

Fires Involving Electric Heating or Drying Equipment

The appropriate M Notice gives details on various fires on board ships caused by electric heating or drying equipment. Masters and Officers are instructed to note the contents and take the appropriate action to prevent such incidents occurring on board their vessels.

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