Ship/Shore Safety check List at Chief mate job

Completion Instructions: The master and the terminal operator must jointly complete the a & b – Ship Shore checklist at chief mate job. The security of operations requires that all questions be answered in the affirmative. If a positive answer is not possible, the reason should be given and appropriate precautions should be agreed between the ship and the terminal. If the question is considered unsuitable, a note should be added to this effect.

Provision of cargo information

Although the overall responsibility should rest with the master, the IMDG Code requires that he be provided with written information regarding the characteristics and condition of the cargo. The responsibility for providing this information rests with the shipper.

Transportation of dangerous goods

Although the IMDG Code recommends strict adherence to the loading of bulk cargo that may be displaced or leaked during navigation, it should also be borne in mind that it is protected from movement, either because of its chemical content or its inherently hazardous properties. For this reason, according to Regulation 14 of the Merchant Shipping Regulations (Dangerous Goods) 1981, such goods are to be loaded in bulk, and the owner, his servant or agents are obliged to find out whether the specific goods may or may not be safely transported in bulk. Recommendations to be followed carefully are contained in the “Carriage of Dangerous Goods by Ship”.

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