2 engineer vacancy and responsibilities

  • Maintain the engine room / UMS Duty Engineer as needed.
  • The deputation of the chief engineer in his absence or if he is unable to perform his duties due to an accident or illness.
  • Preparation of the main engine and other machine-building plant for the sea.
  • Daily operation of the main engine and other machine-building plant.
  • Organization and supervision of engine room security guards / UMS engineers.
  • Organization and supervision of all employees of the engine department.
  • adoption of safe work practices on board.
  • Environmental protection.
  • Assist C / E in monitoring PMS equipment parts and scheduling tasks to ensure timely fulfillment of these responsibilities.
  • Maintenance of basic engine-auxiliary, loading and unloading and loading machines.
  • Maintenance of machine rooms, internal metal surfaces and general cleanliness.
  • Any other responsibilities provided by the chief engineer and foreman.

The second engineer, 2 engineer vacancy, as the opportunity arises, to study the chief engineer.

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