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2 engineer vacancy and responsibilities

2 engineer vacancy and responsibilities Maintain the engine room / UMS Duty Engineer as needed. The deputation of the chief engineer in his absence or if he is unable to perform his duties due to an accident or illness. Preparation of the main engine and other machine-building plant for the sea. Daily operation of the main engine and other machine-building plant. Organization and supervision of engine room security guards / UMS engineers. Organization and supervision of all employees of the engine department. adoption of safe work practices on board. Environmental protection. Assist C / E in monitoring PMS equipment [...]

2nd engineer during bunkers and bunkering

2nd engineer during bunkers and bunkering Sampling procedures Representatives of the Ship and the Supplier must be prepared and signed with fuel samples. The sampling point must be located on the intake manifold intake manifold and receive from the approved sampling point. At least 4 sample bottles are required - one sample for the supplier, the vessel, the analysis and the purpose of the MARPOL VI application). The standard Ship Manager form "Ship Manager / E.325 - fuel sampling checklist" shall be used during each sampling. Sampling methods The initial sample must be obtained by one of the following [...]

Abandon Ship Drills regulation

Abandon Ship Drills regulationAbandon Ship Drills regulation for urgent hiring for chief engineer in shippingConsists of gathering crew at stations listed in the collection list and collecting and drilling at survival stations.Emergency drills, other than fire, such as collision, damage control, grounding, oil / hopper spillage, rescue, or medical treatment, may be used in place of or in addition to a fire drill. Whether a fire or other emergency preparation is to be carried out, it can be useful to discuss in advance when those directly involved in the training, the object and the execution of the drill so that [...]

Access regulations and master vacancies tankers

Access regulations and master vacancies tankers The Regulations on Merchant Shipping are in force, and the instructions contained in Section 8 of the Code of Conduct for Safe Work for Seafarers-Merchants of 1991 will be as follows. Access to the shore or to another vessel must be safe, placed in an immediate position, properly installed or deployed, safe to use, adjusted as necessary and adequately lit. Any person boarding or leaving the vessel shall use the access granted. In addition, it must be above an approved walkway that complies with the relevant Regulation or equivalent standard and be fitted [...]

Accident dangerous occurrence investigation

Accident dangerous occurrence investigation should be taken into account during apply 4 offshore vacancies for seafarers (a) Extended reports Experience shows that after the main accident, the state of mind of those Involved in such a way that it is almost always unwise for them to take over paper with letters, reports or extended journal entries too quickly. It should be remembered that according to the law, all documentary material, including telex messages, faxes, telegrams and even RT discussions between the Master and Opposition of a party may require and use evidence of the company against the interests of [...]


ACRONYMS , DEFINITIONS , Jobs at sea ACRONYMS AMVER Automatic Merchant Vessel Rescue ARES Associazione Ricerca e Salvataggio CIRM Centro Internazionale Radio Medico COLREG International Regulation for Preventing Collision at Sea DPA Designated Person(s) Ashore EGC Enhanced  Group Call ETA Estimated Time Arrival ETD Estimated Time Departure GMDSS Global Maritime Distress and Safety System IACS International Association of Classification Societies IAIN International Association of Institutes of Navigation IALA International Association Lighthouse Authorities ICS International Chamber of Shipping ILLC International Load Line Convention ILO International Labour Organisation IMMARSAT International Maritime Satellite Organisation IMO International Maritime Organisation ISM International Safety Management [...]

Arrival Port/Anchorage Guidance

Arrival Port/Anchorage Guidance Arrival Port/Anchorage Guidance should be known well at master startup Landfall In sufficient time before landfall, the Master shall ensure that advance planning of the navigation is carried out using charts of suitably large scale which relevant area. Echo Sounder will cover the The echo sounder shall be used and waterdepth checked during the entire approach. Anchoring The selected anchorage shall be plotted on the chart and the master startup shall satisfy himself that there is sufficient room to swing even in unfavourable weather conditions. In this connection account shall be taken of the vessel's type, [...]

Atmosphere testing on vlcc and other vessels

Atmosphere testing on vlcc and other vessels Where appropriate, site tests should only be performed by persons trained in the use of the equipment. Testing should be performed before entry and at regular intervals. Testing should be performed from the deck level. However, sometimes additional tests may be required inside the tank / hold, in which case the tester must use a breathing apparatus and be provided with a rescue line that passes a qualified person placed on deck. Communication should be maintained with portable walkie-talkies. Where appropriate, testing should be performed at different levels. Personal monitoring equipment designed [...]

Automatic Pilot and Urgent electrician

Automatic Pilot and Urgent electrician The M.1040 Merchant Delivery Notice provides guidance on "Using Autopilot" and steering procedures. Statutory document of Great Britain, SI 1981. NO. 571, to which IMO control numbers are added, is given below. "Use of Autopilot (Rule 19-1)" The master must ensure that the autopilot, if fitted, is not used in dense traffic areas, with limited visibility, or in any other dangerous navigational situation if it is not possible to establish manual steering of the vessel within 30 seconds, in case something wrong , should ask Urgent electrician to come on Bridge and arrange maintained. [...]

Balticseamen complaint procedure of panama maritime authority

Balticseamen complaint procedure of panama maritime authority Panama Maritime Authority requires ship owners resolve balticseamen seafarer’s onboard complaints to the satisfaction of the complainant as expeditiously as possible but within a period not exceeding thirteen (13) days from the date the seafarer first referred the matter to his superior or the head of department. To comply with the thirteen (13) day period, the Ship Owner has set up a time line for various stages of complaint handling procedure as outlined below and is applicable to Panama flag vessels within the fleet: A complaint addressed to the head of department [...]

Breakdown maintenance including chief engineer jobs

Breakdown maintenance including chief engineer jobs All breakdowns are to be reported by the Master to the Company. In circumstances where the nature of the breakdown may be beyond the capacity of personnel on board to repair, Management ashore will arrange for sub contractor assistance. Details of each breakdown are to be recorded in the vessel's Deck and Engine Log Books, Underwriters and Classification Society are to be informed as deemed necessary by the Superintendent after consultation with the General Manager. UPGRADING Where the vessel’s Owner decides or the Company recommends that certain areas or items of equipment require [...]

Bridge notification guidance at marine offshore jobs

Bridge notification guidance at marine offshore jobs The engineer on duty must be aware that changes in speed caused by a malfunction of the machine or loss of steering may impair the safety of the ship and life at sea. The bridge at Marine offshore jobs must be immediately notified of future actions in the engine rooms which could lead to a reduction in the speed of the vessel, an imminent failure of the steering, a stoppage of the ship's system or any alternation in electricity generation or similar safety hazards. This notification shall, where possible, be carried out [...]

Bridge Organisation Guidance and Master for Chemical Tanker

Bridge Organisation Guidance and Master for Chemical Tanker Responsibility Bridge discipline means the cooperation and sharing of responsibility between the Master, Officer of the Watch, helmsman and lookout. The Master has overall responsibility for bridge discipline as well as all other matters, and it is one of his responsibilities to organize and detail navigating officer's watch keeping duties. In determining the above the Master shall take into account to what extent and in what rotation the navigating officers shall assist on the bridge watch in the varying conditions under which the vessel navigates. Good communication is a necessity between [...]

Bridge Organisation should be known upon apply for master vacancy

Bridge Organisation should be known upon apply for master vacancy Lookout It is the duty of the Officer of the Watch to ensure that an efficient lookout is main- tained at all times.Between the hours of sunset and sunrise a lookout shall be on the bridge in addition tothe Officer of the watch. During daylight hours, if the navigational circumstancespermit, the lookout may be allocated duties away from the Bridge and during these times the Officer of the watch shall perform the duties of the lookout, however, at all such times the appointed lookout shall be readily available to [...]

Bridge Organization Guidance and chief officer job vacancy

Bridge Organization Guidance and chief officer job vacancy Passage Planning An adequate and detailed passage plan, prepared by one of the navigating officers and approved by the Master, shall be available for each stage of the vessel's progress from departure berth to arrival berth. The navigating officer appointed by the master to prepare the passage plan (Ship Manager- D.218 - Passage Plan) has the responsibility of preparing the detailed passage plan to the Master's requirements prior to departure. When the port of destination is either not known or is subsequently altered, it is necessary for the navigating officer to [...]

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Quality Policy of Marine MAN

With the purpose of maintenance of unity of a administration within all Company and its structural divisions, a coordination of actions and the liability of the supervisors for activity results of the relevant divisions the linear approach to management is realized. Main character of such approach consist in construction of rational Organizational structure and assignment for each department the manager which subordinated to higher, which has operative regulation, powers and resources allocated to him, sufficient for the Company of effective work conduction.

The liability, authority and interaction of the personnel during realization of QMS processes are determined in block diagrams on these processes, and also the block diagram of members on board of the Marine MAN. The Organizational structure is defined and made out by the professional Manager in a way of a scheme which approved by the General director. The Organizational structure of the Company is reflected in the present QM.

The members on board of the Company is responsible for ensuring of the quality Policy and professional Objectives, seajobs process, control for the QMS, providing with necessary resources for functioning and catching business target.

The full charge for implementation and operation of the high-end administration system in the Company entrusted on the General director who appoints the responsible expert the Quality Manager (Person in charge for ukrcrewing and other division) to which gives the duties, delegate control and allocates necessary resources for carrying out the systematic and regular activity in QMS area.

The administration meber has the right of direct access to the General director and provides implementation of maritime zone and effective operation of the QMS in the Company. The additional responsibility includes the control and correcting of the functioning the internal audits system of the Company over high-end and an estimation of reports of high-end administration, and also coordination of the necessary revisions corrective and preventive actions in QMS. Management member operates in close interaction with Department’s supervisors related with the safety and professional questions. Duties and authorities of the Person in charge are in detail reflected in the clause of present.

Division’s Managers of jobs at sea division have the right of final decisions in operative questions of activity of their departments and in acceptance of their decisions based on a functional system of the Company administration.

Department’s Managers are responsible for development and implementation of operational procedures, and also acquaintance of the personnel with these documents. These documents are made according to the statements of the present Quality Manual and requirements of working crewplanet normative documents.

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