2nd engineer during bunkers and bunkering

Sampling procedures

Representatives of the Ship and the Supplier must be prepared and signed with fuel samples.
The sampling point must be located on the intake manifold intake manifold and receive from the approved sampling point. At least 4 sample bottles are required – one sample for the supplier, the vessel, the analysis and the purpose of the MARPOL VI application). The standard Ship Manager form “Ship Manager / E.325 – fuel sampling checklist” shall be used during each sampling.

Sampling methods

The initial sample must be obtained by one of the following methods (primary sample means: a representative sample of fuel delivered to the vessel collected during the bunkering period, obtained by sampling equipment located in the hopper of the receiving vessel):

Manual sampler for continuous drip valve installation;
or automatic sampler;
or proportional automatic sampler.

The ships will use mainly the method of continuous drip sampling. Sampling equipment should be used according to the manufacturer’s instructions or instructions, as appropriate.

Sampling and sampling integrity
Means should be provided to “seal” the sampling equipment during the delivery period.
Close attention should be paid to:

sampler adjustment form;
the shape of the container for the original sample;
cleanliness and dryness of the sampling sample and the primary sample container before use;
installation of the means used to control the flow into the primary sample container; and the method to be used to protect the specimen from forgery or contamination during operation of the hopper.

The container for obtaining the primary sample must be attached to the sampling equipment and sealed in such a way as to prevent forgery or contamination of the sample throughout the delivery period of the hopper.

Place of sampling

A sample of the delivered fuel must be obtained in the inlet hopper of the collector of its own vessel, and it must be taken continuously throughout the delivery period of the hopper, with 2nd engineer review, covering each certificate of delivery of the hopper. (In the case of obtaining a quantity of fuel hopper requiring two or more delivery notes, sampling may be suspended to change bags and sample bottles and then resumed as necessary.

Storage of samples

The sample container must be clean and dry.

Immediately before filling the container for the stored sample, the initial amount of sample should be thoroughly mixed to ensure its homogeneity.

The sustained sample should be sufficient to perform the required tests, but should not be less than 400 ml. The container must be filled to 90% ± 5% capacity and tightly closed.

Sealing of the saved sample

Immediately after collecting the stored sample, the supplier’s representative must install a security seal in the presence of the vessel’s representative, protected from unauthorized protection. A label containing the following information should be affixed to the sample container:

the location in which and the manner in which the sampling was carried out;
bunker delivery start date;
name of bunker tanker / bunker installation;
name and IMO number of the receiving vessel;
signatures and representative;
names of supplier’s representative and ship’s
details of seal identification; and hopper brand.

To facilitate cross-printing of the seal, the identification can also be written in the overhead delivery note.

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