Abandon Ship Drills regulation

Abandon Ship Drills regulation for urgent hiring for chief engineer in shipping

Consists of gathering crew at stations listed in the collection list and collecting and drilling at survival stations.
Emergency drills, other than fire, such as collision, damage control, grounding, oil / hopper spillage, rescue, or medical treatment, may be used in place of or in addition to a fire drill. Whether a fire or other emergency preparation is to be carried out, it can be useful to discuss in advance when those directly involved in the training, the object and the execution of the drill so that those involved can get the most out of it drills.

Each crew member , included urgent hiring for chief engineer in shipping, shall participate in at least one failure school, one fire drill and one pollution control training per month. These exercises must be conducted within 24 hours of departure from the port if more than 25% of the crew did not take part in the exercises on board the ship in the previous month. If the circumstances are such that it is not possible to carry out full training within 24 hours, then during this period the master should be carried out, and the crew members should be instructed on their performance of emergency duties and on the waiver of ship procedures. Complete training should be conducted as soon as circumstances permit.

Survival Craft: Musters and Drills

The person responsible for each surviving vessel shall have a list of its crew and ensure that they are fully acquainted with their duties. The lifeboat commander must also have a lifeboat crew list. The master shall ensure that these lists are drawn up for each boat and life-raft on his ship.

Each week, each lifeboat engine shall be tested, starting forward and stern, for a total period of at least 3 minutes, provided that the engine can be operated safely during this period when the water and ambient temperature are above the minimum required to start the engine.

Emergency lighting for harvesting and leaving must be checked at each such drilling. Some training work should include preparation for failure using only life rafts (or lifeboats and life rafts). This may include picking up places other than those used
for landing in lifeboats.

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