Arrival Port/Anchorage Guidance

Arrival Port/Anchorage Guidance should be known well at master startup


In sufficient time before landfall, the Master shall ensure that advance planning of the navigation is carried out using charts of suitably large scale which relevant area.

Echo Sounder will cover the

The echo sounder shall be used and waterdepth checked during the entire approach.


The selected anchorage shall be plotted on the chart and the master startup shall satisfy himself that there is sufficient room to swing even in unfavourable weather conditions. In this connection account shall be taken of the vessel’s type, length and the length of the chain used.

When the anchor is about to be let go, it is important to remember, particularly in large vessels, that the officer on the forecastle head will often be the person in the best position to decide when the vessel is stopped and making no way through the water.


The windlass shall be made ready well before arrival. It is important that timely request for power is made by notifying the engineer on watch.

Anchor Lights – Daylight Signals

Anchor lights shall be tested well in advance when the vessel is to anchor at night. Daylight anchor signals shall also be checked and used.

Position Fixing

When the vessel is at anchor, the position shall at once be checked, sing whenever possible more than one
method of position fixing. The position shall be verified at suitable intervals with due regard to existing conditions.

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