Automatic Pilot and Urgent electrician

The M.1040 Merchant Delivery Notice provides guidance on “Using Autopilot” and steering procedures. Statutory document of Great Britain, SI 1981. NO. 571, to which IMO control numbers are added, is given below.

“Use of Autopilot (Rule 19-1)”

The master must ensure that the autopilot, if fitted, is not used in dense traffic areas, with limited visibility, or in any other dangerous navigational situation if it is not possible to establish manual steering of the vessel within 30 seconds, in case something wrong , should ask Urgent electrician to come on Bridge and arrange maintained.

Before entering any area with a high traffic density and when the likelihood of visibility becomes limited or a dangerous navigational situation arises, the Captain shall arrange, where possible, for the watch officer to have access to them without delay. a qualified helmsman who must be ready to take over manual control at any time.

The transition from automatic to manual steering and vice versa must be carried out either under the supervision of a watch officer or, in the absence of such an officer, a captain.

The master must provide testing of the manual steering gear

(a) after continuous use of the autopilot for 24 hours; and

(b) before entering any area where navigation requires special care

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