Breakdown maintenance including chief engineer jobs

All breakdowns are to be reported by the Master to the Company. In circumstances where the nature of the breakdown may be beyond the capacity of personnel on board to repair, Management ashore will arrange for sub contractor assistance.

Details of each breakdown are to be recorded in the vessel’s Deck and Engine Log Books, Underwriters and Classification Society are to be informed as deemed necessary by the Superintendent after consultation with the General Manager.


Where the vessel’s Owner decides or the Company recommends that certain areas or items of equipment require upgrading, the appropriate Superintendent provides a proposed  schedule  of  work, with  estimated  costs for  approval  by the Owner. When agreement  is  reached,  the  Superintendent  arranges  for  the  necessary  materials and resources to be made available. Instructions are then given to the vessel concerned, in writing, according to the conditions contained in the written agreement with the Owner by the appropriate Superintendent.


May be required by new legislation or to Owners’ written requirements. Each vessel’s

Master may also make recommendations to improve the vessels operating efficiency to the appropriate Superintendent in writing.

The Company  studies  the requests/requirements and submits  to  the Owner  an implementation  schedule, with costs. Classification  approval,  if  necessary  will be obtained by the Superintendent and chief engineer jobs for any modification.

When modifications are to be carried out the vessel is instructed accordingly.


The effectiveness of the maintenance programs are monitored by:

  • Classification Survey Reports and Periodical and Annual Listings
  •  The Company reporting system
  • On board Inspections by Company’s Management
  • Charterers’ and Owners’ Inspections
  • Internal Safety Audits
  • Frequency of Machinery Failure and consequential off-hire periods.


The Superintendent is responsible for ensuring that approximately 20% of each vessel’s CSM items are credited each year. This is monitored by referring to the Periodical and Annual Listings received from the Classification Society.

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