Bridge notification guidance at marine offshore jobs

The engineer on duty must be aware that changes in speed caused by a malfunction of the machine or loss of steering may impair the safety of the ship and life at sea. The bridge at Marine offshore jobs must be immediately notified of future actions in the engine rooms which could lead to a reduction in the speed of the vessel, an imminent failure of the steering, a stoppage of the ship’s system or any alternation in electricity generation or similar safety hazards. This notification shall, where possible, be carried out before changes are made to give the Bridge the maximum time available to take any possible action to avoid possible sea casualties.

Navigation in sharpened waters

When navigating in restricted or congested waters, the engineer on duty must ensure that all equipment involved in maneuvering the vessel can be immediately placed in manual operation. The engineer on duty must also ensure that there is sufficient power for steering and other maneuvering requirements.

Emergency steering and operation, other ancillary equipment must be ready immediately Navigation during limited visibility

The engineer on duty must ensure a constant supply of air pressure for sound signals against fog. He must be prepared to respond to any orders for the bridge, as well as to ensure that the auxiliary equipment used for maneuvering is easily accessible.

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