Bridge Organization Guidance and chief officer job vacancy

Passage Planning

An adequate and detailed passage plan, prepared by one of the navigating officers and approved by the Master, shall be available for each stage of the vessel’s progress from departure berth to arrival berth.

The navigating officer appointed by the master to prepare the passage plan (Ship Manager-

D.218 – Passage Plan) has the responsibility of preparing the detailed passage plan to the Master’s requirements prior to departure. When the port of destination is either not known or is subsequently altered, it is necessary for the navigating officer to extend or amend the original plan as appropriate.

Deviation from the approved plan shall not take place without the prior consent of the Master.

Passage Plan Format

The passage plan should be made and presented on a suitable chart(s) and/or sketch in such a format that it can be accommodated at the conning station or radar display.

The plan is intended for use from departing berth and the way points and courses should be included to cover the port passage as well as the sea passage.

Notes on Passage Planning

To assist in the preparation of the required passage plan, the following material shall be consulted:

-ICS Bridge Procedures Guide

-Ship’s Routing

-Admiralty Lists of Radio Signals-port operations and VTS management

-Relevant local regulations

Pilotage and Passage Planning

The contribution which pilots make to the safety of navigation in confined waters and port   approaches,  for  which   they  have   up-to-date   local   knowledge,  requires no emphasizing,  however,  it  shall  be  stressed  that  the  responsibility  for  the vessel’s navigation cannot be transferred to the pilot and the Officer of the Watch shall retain all his responsibilities with respect to navigational duties. Following the pilot’s arrival on board and the normal exchange of the vessel’s data between Master and Pilot. The pilot should indicate the passage plan he intends to follow and it should be the general aim of the Master to ensure that the plan conforms with chief officer job vacancy the vessels passage plan, is safe and that the expertise of the Pilot is fully utilized and supported by the vessel’s bridge team.

When in congested waters, a passage plan shall be made with due consideration to possible changes in vessels course and speed due to other vessels in the vicinity and possible restrictions in the waterway.

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