Bulk cement – loading guidance very common in interviews for master vacancy bulk carrier

Prior to loading bulk cement take extra care to make holds absolutely dry and clean and ensure that bilges are kept dry at all times. Do utmost to avoid moisture entering holds whilst on passage by shutting off all ventilation.

At discharge port keep all non working hatches closed. Ensure that all loose cement is brushed off steel work on completion of discharging and sweepings removed prior to wash down holds with high pressure hoses.

Regarding cement dust on decks we suggest the master vacancy bulk carrier arranges for purchase of cellulose solution to spray on decks and steelwork prior to commencement of discharge and hose off after completion when at sea. The cellulose solution can be cheaply purchased in the form of cellulose wallpaper paste and mixed onboard.

We also suggest that the Master discusses with local shippers and receivers as to the best means of preventing cement caking on steel work whilst discharging and try to obtain any other information that will assist in cleaning the holds after discharge

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