Care of machinery and vessel for chief engineer on oil chemical

Specialized Equipment

Specialized items of equipment may require maintenance by shore based technicians. In these circumstances the vessel advises the Company of the requirements and the responsible Superintendent ashore makes the necessary arrangements technician to attend.

Deck Maintenance for a suitable

General deck maintenance is ongoing under the supervision of the Master. A monthly record of work carried out is forwarded to the office by the Master (and Chief Engineer where appropriate).
All maintenance and repairs are recorded in the vessels filing system and copies forwarded to the Company.

Vessel defects are to be informed to the responsible Superintendent via telexes if the operational capacity of the vessel is affected. These reports are used to assist in the formulation of a running repair list which forms the basis for riding squad repairs and docking repair lists.

Engine Maintenance

Engine and machinery maintenance is an ongoing operation under the supervision of the Superintendent and the day to day supervision of the Chief Engineer. Records of maintenance are forwarded on a monthly basis to the responsible Superintendent.

All maintenance and repairs are recorded in the Vessel’s Filing System (VFS) and copies forwarded  to the Company. The Chief Engineer on oil chemical Monthly Report, Voyage Abstract, Running Hours Report and Survey Reports enable the Company to monitor the maintenance progress and take any supportive/corrective action necessary.

Electrical Maintenance

Electrical, navigational and communications equipment are maintained under the day to day supervision of the Master and Chief Engineer.

Status reports are forwarded periodically which include operational efficiency of equipment and insulation test results. All records of maintenance maintained in the VFS.

Reliability of Equipment and repairs are

In order to maintain an efficient record of reliability of equipment it is required that reports shall be made on any operating problems experienced.

Main Engine Trials

Engines must not be turned or trials carried out until the Duty Engineer has confirmed with the Master that the propeller is clear, moorings are adequate and it is safe to do so.

When preparing the main engine for maneuvering after the completion of repairs, or after a period in port or at anchor, a full turn shall be made with the open indicator cocks, and then blow through with air is to be observed. Only when it is confirmed that all cylinder are clear, then only can the indicator cocks be closed. After which the turning gear will be disengaged, thus ensuring that all moving parts are free and clear of fuel and water prior to further test.

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