Care of machinery and vessel for chief engineer start in position


Basic and auxiliary equipment includes different engines from different manufacturers. Instructions for instructions on the proper operation of machinery and equipment, etc. are supplied with each vessel. These manuals, together with scheduled maintenance systems, must be used for the satisfactory operation and maintenance of machinery and equipment. This section refers to “Machine Operation Reports”.

The main schedule for the maintenance programmer is intended


Regulatory certification of the company and the system of continuous inspection of machines (CMS).

In addition, the company maintains each vessel in accordance with the written and written requirements of the owners.

To complement this, individual items of technology are supported on

Charters and schedule of hours, based on the manufacturer’s recommendations and experience. Maintenance records are kept by the chief engineer, and copies are sent to the head office on a monthly basis.


All protection and alarm devices should be tested whenever possible, but not more than 6 months. If any safety device or alarm becomes defective, the chief engineer start in position must be notified immediately so that it can decide on the necessary precautions to be taken before repairing the equipment.

Operation of machines in emergency situations

All vessels shall strictly follow the manufacturer’s instructions for the operation of the main equipment under normal operating conditions, except in emergency conditions related to the safety or safety of the vessel. In such cases, entries should be made in the appropriate logs

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