Cargo Care of crewplanet seafarer responsibilities


“The carrier shall properly and carefully load, handle, stow, carry, keep, care for and discharge the goods carried.”

Hague Rules Article 111 Rule 2

The primary purpose of a merchant ship is to carry cargo.The Shipowner’s responsibility for the cargo carried in a ship begins when the goods are delivered onboard the vessel and ends when the goods are landed at the destination port. The Master and his Officers including full crewplanet shall take all prudent precautions to protect the goods during the time they are in the custody of the ship so that they may be delivered in the same condition as when received.


The Chief Officer is directly responsible to the Master for the proper handling of all cargo. He shall not be relieved of this responsibility by any other person. An Officer shall always be present on deck at all times when cargo gear is being rigged, when hatches or side doors are being opened or closed and when portable guard railings are being removed or refitted.
The Mate shall require one or more Officers as the circumstances may warrant, to be on deck to supervise the actual handling of the cargo and the cargo gear. The Master shall endeavour to assign this task to specific Officers for specific hatches.

The Chief Officer will, in consultation with the Master, draw up a loading and stowage plan copies of which shall be distributed to the watch keepers. He shall compile it for the benefit of all concerned in port standing orders and specific instructions pertaining to the respective carried cargo(es).         He shall post clear warnings and appertaining to any dangerous cargo carried onboard.

IMO guidance

Ballasting and the handling of ballast is of prime importance and is the responsibility of the Chief Officer who shall ensure all ballasting procedures are carried out safely.

Whilst at sea, and when appropriate, the cargo shall be inspected by the Chief Officer taking into consideration the nature of the cargo and inherent dangers of entering enclosed spaces together with the weather conditions prevailing and forecast. At sea any entrance into the cargo compartments for whatever purpose should be entered in the Chief Officer’s log book stating the names of the persons who took part in entering and the nature of their work.

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