Cargo gear guidance/ eto jobs offshore

The Chief Officer must ensure that sufficient cargo equipment is to hand at all times this will include:

(a)          Derricks, cranes, winches, runners, topping wires, etc. (this equally applies to
tanker lifting appliances).
(b)          Slings, nets, trays (pallets), snatch blocks, grabs, etc.
(c)          For tankers, dressers, manifold couplings, pipe lines, pumps, etc.

It is imperative that the ship’s gear is thoroughly inspected prior to arrival in port by eto jobs offshore and all winches, derricks, cranes, gear and all associated equipment be in good working order with all appertaining safety/proof certificates and chain register kept up to date.

Cargo gear safe working practices are covered in detail in the Safety Manual to which all concerned shall refer. The condition of cargo equipment must be carefully monitored and at no time must any item be used for loading/discharging cargo should there be any doubt whatsoever as to its suitability and capacity. equipment are required.

Any deficiency must be reported immediately where repairs


Certificates covering SWL must be kept at hand in order that they may be presented to any authority which may ask to sight them. Should any piece of equipment be delivered to the vessel it is essential that original certificates accompany it. In the absence of any such certificate it is incumbent on the Chief Officer to communicate the fact to the owners company.

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