Cargo shifting questions during apply for Master Vacancy Jobs

Immediate Actions

General audible alarm and Master call If cargo is suspected of being overturned or shipwrecked,
the OOW should change course immediately to reduce the consequences.

Crew to “wait”.
The craft for survival must be prepared by an appointed participant in the preparation of the boat.

Main engine for maneuvering rpm Depending on the situation, you may need to reduce the speed to a minimum to maintain the steering path. If any future maneuvering is limited, appropriate navigation signals must be provided.

If at night, OOW turn on the floodlights.

The Chief engineer with Bosun and other selected crew members, including Master Vacancy Jobs,
to investigate the change of cargo and report to the foreman:

What has changed.

Causes, if known, changes

Susta Damaged damage (if any)

Probability of further change and / or damage

Suggested actions

Chief Engineer to ensure that all possible deck services are available (eg ballast pumps, deck hydraulics, etc.).

If the Master considers that there is a danger to the ship or if any cargo has been lost abroad, the appropriate coastal authorities shall be notified. In all cases, the Company must be informed of the situation, updated regularly.


Where applicable, and where there is no danger to life, the Director-General, in agreement with the master, shall take measures to secure the transported cargo. Based on shear weight estimates, stability calculations should be performed to assess whether it is safe to use ballast to correct any result to prevent further bias.

With regard to displaced deck cargo, it may be necessary to consider its explosion if the safety of life or the safety of the ship is imminently endangered. Notices of any abduction, together with a position report, must be provided to the appropriate coastal authorities. only when the captain is convinced that it is safe to do so if the ship “resumes passage”. The company, in agreement with the captain, will consider redirecting the vessel to a nearby port if it is necessary to unload the cargo for security reasons. Now any prepared ship for survival must now be restored.

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