Categories of Repair Work and Maintenance, chief engineer job at sea vacancies

Basically repair work can be categorized as follows:

Routine Scheduled Maintenance

Under this, can be classed items such as:

Preventive Maintenance – this category calls for items to be opened out for inspection and overhaul at specified time periods or after a specified number of running hours. Maintenance is carried out irrespective of machinery condition in order to retain the machine in a satisfactory operational condition.

Periodical inspection of mandatory items and certain machinery and equipment in conformance with the established schedules of the classification societies as listed in their annual and quarterly survey status.

Inspection/servicing of safety equipment items as required by the Flag States, regulatory and classification bodies, namely yearly servicing of life rafts, pressure testing of portable extinguishers etc.

Unscheduled Maintenance

This is applicable to interior and exterior decks, superstructures and bulkheads, mast and rigging, deck machinery and mooring fittings, pipelines and valves and other miscellaneous fitting.

For these items, judgement of the Master/Chief Officer or the Chief Engineer job at sea vacancies are relied upon  to  work  out  a  plan of  repair  and maintenance  as differences in  vessel age, construction, operating maintenance requirement. Conditions and trade patterns may result in differing condition based maintenance can also be categorized under this heading. This is dictated by the performance or the physical state of the machine, determined by regular or continuous checks of applicable parameters and is only undertaken when operating conditions have deteriorated below a satisfactory standard, but before breakdown or failure occurs.


This can be subdivided into:

Damage repairs – which can constitute of:

Collision damages

Stevedore damages to the vessel and its equipment resulting out of their mishandling and negligence.

Corrective maintenance repairs – this is sometimes referred to as breakdown

maintenance and is only carried out in order to restore a machine or component back to operational condition after a failure or a malfunction resulting out of normal wear and tear.

Periodic and emergency repairs – this includes items such as routine dry-docking and all repairs and maintenance beyond the capability of the vessel’s personnel.

Guarantee repairs – these are normally applicable to vessels which have been newly delivered from a yard and the period usually extends for twelve months from the date of delivery.

From the day of delivery all faults arising out of misconstruction to the hull, structure, machinery etc., mishitting or damages arising out of faulty design etc. Till the termination of the guarantee period are undertaken by the yard at their expense.

Guarantee repairs can also constitute of repairs to newly installed equipment on board an existing vessel in case of any malfunction out of flaw due to manufacturing during the designated guarantee.

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