Certificates STCW / TMSA / OCIF and Crew vacancies

Basic Safety Training A-VI / 1 Para 2
Proficiency Survival Craft Reg VI / 2 Para 1
Fast Rescue Craft IMO 1.24 VI/2,A-VI/2-2,p5-8
Advanced Fighting STCW A-VI / 3
Medical First Aid Reg VI / 4 Para 1
Medical Care Reg VI / 4 Para 2
HAZMAT B-V/b,B-V/c, Sec C, Title 49
Bridge Team Management STCW A- II/1,II/2, III/1,III/2, III/6
Engine Resource Management STCW A- II/1,II/2, III/1,III/2, III/6
Ship Security Officer ISPS (Part B -13.1/13.2) /STCW VI/5
Designated Security Duties STCW A- VI/6
Awareness Security Duties A-VI/6 pp.1-4, A-VI/6-1
Ship Handling Reg B-V/a, CDI 1.3 (5A3)
ECDIS (Generic) STCW A-II/1 // CDI 1.3
ECDIS (Type Specific) STCW Reg. I/14; ISM Code 6.3 & 6.5
High Voltage STCW A- III/1, III/2, III/6
Incident Investigation TMSA /IMO-Course 3.11
Tanker Familiarization Oil and Ch STCW V/ 1 para 2
Tanker Familiarization GAS IMO 1.04 V/1-2, A-V/1-2-1
Tanker Advanced for Oil IMO 1.02 B-V/1,1-1 p.2,3,4
Tanker Advanced for Chemical IMO 1.04 V/1-1, A-V/1-1-3, B-V/1-2
Tanker Advanced for GAS IMO 1.06 B-V/1 B-V/1-2
Safety Officer OCIMF / TMSA
Risk Assessment 9B2 OCIMF / TMSA
Energy Conservation Reg B-V/a/ CDI 1.3 (5A3) OCIMF
Inert Gas System STCW A-V/1 – 12
Crude Oil Washing OCIMF 9.12
Oil Tanker Cargo & Ballast Model Course 2.06
Engine Room Simulator (ERS) Model Course 2.07

Crew vacancies are available at present portal and welcome on board

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