Change of Pilots at Seagoing Jobs

Well in advance of change of pilots, the Master shall satisfy himself as to the location
where the change is to take place.

The Master shall in advance obtain the necessary information from the departing pilot about any requirements relating to the navigation during the change.

After change of pilots, the Master and the new pilot shall go over the intended mnavigation as required above.

Pilot’s Watch Arrangement

Where several pilots are embarked, the Master shall as per strong Seagoing Jobs practice in connection with going over the intended navigation, satisfy himself regarding their watch arrangement.

The Officer of the Watch shall ensure when pilots change watches that the pilot going off duty informs his relief carefully about the vessel’s position, course and other matters of navigational importance, and the pilot shall go over the navigation to be undertaken with the pilot coming on duty.

Pilot’s Directions – Communication on the Bridge

The Officer of the Watch shall at all times ensure that the pilot’s directions and helm orders are correctly followed and he shall in this connection make sure that misunderstandings due to language problems do not occur between helmsman and pilot. If the helmsman by mistake applies wrong rudder he is to be corrected immediately by ordering “midships” prior to repeating the correct order.

In order to ensure that the Master and the Officer of the Watch become conversant with communication between the pilot and other vessels in the area, with the tugs and shore, the pilot should be requested to communicate in English.

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