Charts, Publications, Notices to Mariners, vacancies for seafarers

In pursuance of National regulations the Master shall ensure that the vessel carries the charts, pilot books, sailing directions, nautical tables and other relevant publications necessary for the prosecution of the voyage and that these are available to the Officer of the Watch.

In pursuance of the Master’s instructions the Navigating Officer appointed by the Master to be responsible for charts and nautical publications shall ensure that the charts, pilot books, sailing directions and other relevant publications are the current editions and are kept up to date in accordance with the latest information from “Admiralty Notices to Mariners” and/or other relevant sources.

For the purpose of ensuring proper understanding of information and notices on charts and to prevent misunderstandings as a result of language difficulties, normally only British and American charts shall be obtained. They shall always be official charts of the most recent date and published by the proper authority.

In maritime cases, maritime courts attach great importance in determining whether charts employed are new. Consequently, charts covering internal waters and coastal areas shall always be the latest edition, corrected and updated by information contained in the latest Notice to Mariners (British/American as the case may be) and in similar notifications.

To ensure that a uniform procedure of correction of charts is followed by all vessels, the English NP133A “Chart Correction Log” shall be employed. Notice number, as indicated in the British Notices to Mariners, shall be entered in  the “Chart Correction Log” of the chart in question in order to accommodate speedy correction of charts required for use.

Vessels holding other than British charts shall employ the special section found rear- most in “Chart Correction Log” (coloured pages).

Attention is drawn to the fact that charts employing both metric and other measurement units are in use.

The charts shall be placed in drawers to avoid damage and a clear and easy list shall be made to ensure that required charts can easily and quickly be traced so that relieving Masters and new navigating officers can readily see which charts are on board.

All the Ship Management offices publish vacancies for seafarers, are supplied with chart folios relevant to the particular type of vessel and trading pattern. All charts and notices of such material received shall be initialed by the receiving Navigating Officer as to date of receipt and filed accordingly.

Chart corrections are supplied in the weekly Admiralty Notices to Mariners and
notification that these have been completed will be inspected by Owners’/Manager’s superintendents during shipboard visits.

It is the Master’s responsibility to check that each weekly notice is received and that any
missing  is  brought  to  the  attention  of  the  Safety/Quality  Department  who  will investigate on the Master’s behalf.

Should the vessel be required to trade outside of the onboard folio coverage area, the
Master shall ensure that sufficient additional charts/publications are obtained after consultation with the Technical Department.

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