Chief engineer vacancies and duties plus expectation of Ship Owners


The chief engineer is responsible to the captain for:

  • Engine and safety department of the crew, equipment and environment directly under its control.
  • Maintenance of the ship’s structure and all equipment on board, including all deck equipment
  • Implement the company’s policy contained in the General Fleet Instructions, Company Manuals and other official company instructions on all matters related to operation, safety and environmental protection.
  • Internal discipline of all employees of the engine and crew department and their evaluation.
  • Safe operation of the ship’s machine-technical plant.
  • Monitoring the efficiency of the main engine-auxiliary machines.
  • Accurate monitoring and control of fuel and lubricant consumption for the vessel and the condition of the fuel and lubricant hopper.
  • Refuel with lubricating oils and other fluids if required.
  • Maintenance of the main engine, auxiliary machines, loading and unloading and loading machines.
  • Compliance with the requirements of legislative and classification studies relating to machinery and related premises.
  • Accurate entry of all machine operating parameters by guards / engineers on duty in the engine room log.
  • notification of any accident or damage to the ship’s machinery or technical plant.
  • Protecting the interests of owners and companies at all times.
  • monitoring and recording of all operational records according to the ship’s scheduled maintenance system.
  • Directly responsible for training engine cadets on board. He is assisted by a 2nd engineer.
  • Any other responsibilities required by the Captain and the Company.Chief Engineer vacancies are available now and would appreciate to review
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