Chief officer start in position , internal company promotion procedure

Excellent performance of second officer can provide opportunity for chief officer start in position as per internal procedures of each Ship Owners.

Duties and responsibilities of OOW

The Second Officer is responsible to the Master for:

  • Maintaining a navigational watch at sea
  • The planning of voyages including preparation of all charts and publications required.
  • The correction and upkeep of the Navigational Charts, Nautical and Reference Publications including electronic / digital edition such as Chartco, ENC, ADP etc.
  • The monitoring and reporting of defects to navigational equipment.
  • The supervision of the mooring of the vessel as directed by the Master.
  • Upkeep of the medical locker to the appropriate flag state requirements.
  • If suitably qualified, administering the medical welfare of the ship’s complement
  • The management and communication of safety initiatives and being the onboard
    Any other duties assigned to him by the Master.

Responsible to the Chief Officer for:

  • Maintaining a cargo watch in port, including the operation of cargo related systems as required.
  • The maintenance of ship’s breathing and resuscitation equipment
  • Any other duties assigned to him by the Chief Officer, including duties to enhance the safety & security of the vessel whether at sea or in port.
  • Verify that the cargo line and valve set up is correct prior commencement of operations.
  • Cargo Operations as instructed by the Chief Officer.
  • Ensuring that a proper deck and security watch is maintained and that the vessel remains securely moored at all times.
  • Ensuring all LSA/FFA (Lifesaving apparatus and Fire Fighting apparatus) is readily available and ready for use in an emergency
  • Monitoring compliance with the agreed load/ discharge plans throughout the cargo operations with special reference to stability/ stress. Any deviation if noted to be immediately notified to the chief officer.
  • Maintaining records of all occurrences in a sequential order in the port log. (This may be in a normal register book).
  • Maintaining cargo records as required by company.


The Second Officer is to, as the opportunity arises, understudy the Chief Officer.


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