The deck internship officer is responsible to the Master for:

  • Support for navigational surveillance at sea
  • Assistance to a third LSA / FFA service officer.
  • Assistance to a third officer in maintaining training crewdata records on board (Videotel VOD).
  • Supervision of operations from the berth on the instructions of the captain.

The deck officer is accountable to the Chief Executive Officer for:

  • Maintenance of cargo watches in the port, including operation of cargo-related systems, as required.
  • Check that the load line and valve are installed correctly before starting work.
  • Freight operations on behalf of the CEO.
  • Ensuring that the deck is properly maintained and guarded and that the vessel remains securely moored.
  • Monitoring compliance with agreed loading / unloading plans during cargo operations with special reference to stability / stress. Any deviation, if any, shall be notified immediately to the Chief Executive Officer.
  • Keeping records of all events in sequential order in the port log. (This can be in a regular registry book).
  • Keeping records of goods in accordance with the requirements of the company.
  • any other responsibilities assigned to him by the Chief Officer, including responsibilities for improving the safety and security of the ship at sea or in port.
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