Crewell guidance recommended lsa and ffa inspections and maintenance

Full checklists covering this matter are contained in the SOLAS Training Manual and SOLAS Maintenance Record book. Masters are reminded of their responsibility to ensure that the SOLAS Maintenance Record Book is kept up to date.  his file is designated to assist with meeting the requirements of the LSA & FFA Checklist detailed in the SOLAS Training Manual.

LSA & FFA Surveys

In addition to the annual safety equipment survey by the flag state surveyor various port officials and the United States Coast Guard and crewell observations can board any vessel at any time and conduct a survey of the vessel’s life saving and fire-fighting equipment.
Masters are responsible for ensuring the annual servicing of life rafts and hydro-static release units
is carried out and if necessary, requesting help from the Company in making the arrangements.

Helicopter Operations

Helicopters are frequently used for embarking pilots, changing crews and storing in addition to marine rescue operations. Whatever the circumstances the procedure to follow in any helicopter operations is the
same and is described fully in the ICS publication “Guide to operations” and is also outlined in the SOLAS Training Manual.

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