Crewing Agency Tanker and onboard manning level

The Master ,Ship Owners and Crewing Agency Tanker are responsible for ensuring that a vessel is manned to Flag State requirements, and that onboard manning fully complies with the vessels Safe Manning Certificate

Ship Owners is responsible for ensuring that the Minimum Safe Manning Certificate is issued and the original is sent to the vessel concerned. The Master will retain such certificates with all other requisite ship’s documents.

Due attention is to be paid by the Master to the following:

  • One of the reasons for the detention of a vessel is that the number, composition or certification of crew does not correspond to the Minimum Safe Manning Certificate.
  • The manning level is to be maintained not just in terms of number but also in terms of the specified ranks.
  • The vessel is to be manned with the correct total number of crew so as to comply as far as individual ranks and certificates are concerned.
  • Relief planning must take into account the company’s policy of not simultaneously relieving senior officers from same department.

The Master, in conjunction with the company is to endeavour to have all officers with superior certificates so that temporary promotion can be made in the event of sickness; illness etc. to ensure that any delays to the vessel can be avoided.

The Master is also to verify that:

  • The vessel is manned with qualified, certified and medically fit seafarers, and
  • Each seafarer is able to communicate in the working language of the ship – this language will be English at all times.

If the Master feels that he requires additional skills or crew onboard the vessel for a specific job or task, then he must send an email to the Superintendent, Crewing Agency Tanker department , Fleet Manager and Fleet Personnel Department outlining what the vessel requires, when it is required and why the current compliment onboard will not suffice.


The shipboard organisation is to be such so as to ensure:

– The operation of the ship in a safe and effective manner,

– The safety, training and welfare of all personnel onboard,

– The maintenance of the vessel and equipment in accordance with the Company standards, and,

– Effective functioning of the Shipboard Safety and Quality Management System.

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