Crewing recommendation for precautions in the engine room

Emergency Generator

Heaters or heating lamps are to be fitted to the engine and radiator.

Radiator water is to be drained out and refilled with anti4reeze. If this is not available on board the engine is to be run with the governor speed reduced so that the engine will tick over continuously. It may, under these circumstances, be necessary to remove the fan belt if the engine runs too cold. It may also be necessary to close the air intake vents allowing the air to circulate within the generator room. It will be necessary to remove the ducting around the vent and seal off the vent with plywood.

The gas oil storage tank is to be checked for the presence of water, as moisture will cause the gas oil to freeze.

Reference to Marine MAN Crewing recommendation, Low temperature diesel oil should be obtained where possible. If there is none on board the Company should be notified arrival.

in advance and 100 litres will be ordered for delivery on If necessary, this can be ordered locally through the Agent.

If there is no anti-freeze on board, it must be ordered directly through he agents for delivery on arrival. The radiator shall be filled immediately and engine given a test run.

The air supply line is to be disconnected from the air start motor and drained of any moisture prior to reconnection to drain water from airline. This should be done every watch to ensure there is no water or moisture in the airline.

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