Crewing vaccination requirement for yellow fever

They are available in detail in the reference publications.

These include:

  • The crewing vaccination certificate must be in an approved format
  • Any changes, deletions, deletions or additions may cause the ticket to be invalidated
  • Used yellow fever vaccination must be approved by the Organization
  • Vaccination should be carried out at certain visa centers in the territory of a Member State.

Passengers traveling to YF endemic countries (countries in which yellow fever disease is stored) must be the holder of a Yellow Yellow OR Vaccination Certificate issued by authorized and designated vaccination centers in India. If necessary, the certificate is considered “invalid” in the absence (details are given in the YF certificate). Incidentally, this work to validate a valid YF certificate for such passengers traveling to / through any of these YF endemic countries is performed by immigration officers. Those who do not have such a valid certificate or a defective certificate listed by WHO are quarantined for a period of up to six days from the date of the last possible impact of the infection, according to immigration officials. , passed whichever comes first.

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