Crewplanet guidance: pumpman

The Pumpman is responsible to the Chief Officer for:

  • Operation of cargo / t pumps under the supervision of OOW
  • regular inspection of cargo / ballast pumps during their operation
  • Assistance as needed during all cargo and tank cleaning operations
  • Daily sounding of all branches, if required.
  • any other responsibilities as required by the Master , using crewplanet data

Pumpman is accountable to the Chief Engineer for:

  • Maintenance and service of all truck and ballast pumps only under the supervision of the chief engineer.
  • Regular lubrication of all truck / ballast pumps during operation
  • General maintenance of deck equipment as needed.
  • any other responsibilities required by the Chief Engineer, including responsibilities for improving the safety and security of the ship, both at sea and in port.
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