Crewplanet manual of seafarers job descriptions

Documented responsibilities and authority of the crew are to ensure that those involved in the management of

safety and environmental protection knows what is expected of them to make the Safety Management System

function effectively.

The Master and Chief Engineer may reallocate or add duties and responsibilities within the Departments , taking database and found crewplanet manual, provided that the requirements of the Company relating to safety, technical and operational standards and

practices are fully met. Detailed job descriptions for various ranks are contained.

The following explanations must be kept in mind when defining the tasks for certain ranks:

– If a position is not filled for the vessel, the duties concerned are to be distributed among the higherranking


– If more than one seafarer performs one position, the duties concerned are to be distributed among

them by the Master.

– The Ratings can work in other departments if required. For example, an Oiler can be required to

assist the Deck Crew with mooring and the keeping of a security watch, or a seaman can be required

to assist the Engine Crew with painting etc.

where the manning level falls below that of the safe manning certificate the Master must advise the company

at once. In all such cases the Master, in consultation with the Chief Engineer where the shortage relates to an

engineer, should ensure that there is continuity of watches by duly qualified persons without affecting the

statutory minimum period of rest. The provision to sail a person short of that stated in the safe manning

certificate does not apply to the capacities of Master and Chief Engineer on the basis that one person must be

designated as Master or Chief Engineer as applicable. If the person designated does not hold a STCW

certificate that allows the person to serve in the capacity of Master or Chief Engineer then the Company shall

apply for a dispensation. Requirement for a dispensation shall also apply if the company is unable to meet the

safe minimum manning requirement due to lack of a duly certificated Cook.

Masters shall duly record such instances in the Official Log Book (OLB) which must include:

  1. a) Rank of the affected officer(s)
  2. b) No. of crew onboard, excluding affected officer
  3. c) Intended voyage
  4. d) Date of departure
  5. e) Reason for exemption
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