Designated Person (DPA or DP) seafarer jobs

This procedure identifies the duties and responsibilities of the designated person ashore.

This procedure provides the controls for ensuring that the Designated Person carries out his duties and responsibil ities in a safe and efficient manner and that the DPA has the direct access to the highest level of management.

The responsibilities of the DPA is hereby explained as follows :
The Senior Managem ent is responsible for appointing the Design ated Person(s) ashore.
The DPA provides a li nk between the highest level of management and shipboard personnel.
The DPA is responsible for monitoring the safety and pollution-preve ntion aspects of each ship in the fleet.
The DPA is responsible for ensuring that adequate resources at seafarer jobs opportunity and shore-based support are applied, as required.

Designated Person as a link

The DPA serves as a li nk between the ship and the office. In serving t his function, the DPA shall:
receive NCs from internal and external auditors and ensure that ti mely corrective action is taken;

receive verbal a nd/or written reports from shipboard pe rsonnel about unseaworthy, hazardous and/or non-conforming conditions aboard ship; act as a mediator be tween the complainant and the person responsi ble for the area, if the report requires it; report the matter to higher authority if unable to settle it between the two affected parties;

In October of each year, the DPA shall draw up an audit schedule for the coming year. The schedule shall cover audits of the shore-based office(s) and the ships in the Company’s fleet.

Verify on-going compliance with the National requirements relevant to the MLC,2006 during Annual Internal Audits of the Ship and Office.

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