Drills and rescue as per crewing manual

To prove the rescue plan and familiarize the staff, regular training should be conducted, simulating the rescue of an incapacitated person from a dangerous area. The chosen space should be safe for exercise. Training should take place shortly after the signing of new crew members. Each drill must be recorded in a journal.

Any attempt to save a person must be based on a pre-agreed rescue plan, specially formulated to take into account:

(a) type of vessel;

  1. b) transported goods;
  2. c) labor force;
  3. d) the transported equipment.

If an observer should crewing notice or suspect that a person or persons in the room, tank, holding, etc., are experiencing difficulty or disability, never attempt to rescue until an appropriate rescue team equipped with a breathing apparatus has been assembled. If necessary, the observer should sound the General Alarm to encourage a rapid response.

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