Drugs and alcohol abuse is compulsory to know for second engineer vacancies applicant

  1. We note with grave concern the regular occurrence of offences among sea staff arising from the abuse of drugs and/or alcoholics. Such occurrence is especially obvious when vessels call at Taiwan, Thai and Vietnamese ports.
  2. Despite much patience, tolerance and understanding to offences of this nature, the occurrence rate appears to have deteriorated to an alarming rate lately.
  3. It is the wish of the Company to see that drugs and/or alcohol abuse is eradicated in our fleet.

In this respect, the Company has now introduced stringent procedures and Masters are requested to implement them immediately.

The procedures are as follows :

a) In cases where an intoxicated staff caused a nuisance onboard, the Master should seek the assistance of the local police to lock up such staff in jail.

b) Any staff who requires medical attention resulting from his action w ilst intoxicated or caused by such intoxication shall arrange and pay for his own medical treatment and attention at home or abroad. The Company shall not arrange, assist or pay for such medical treatment.

c) Any staff , including second engineer vacancies applicant who causes any offence or who breaches any law and order of the port country whilst intoxicated, shall be responsible for his own action. Such staff must find and pay for his own bail and lawyer. The Company shall not render any assistance in such cases and will allow such staff to remain in jail until he or his family make their own arrangement for release.

d) All cases of drugs abuse committed onboard or abroad shall be Central Narcotics Bureau in Singapore.

reported to the

e) All cases of drugs and/or alcohol intoxication shall be logged in the Official Log Book and the Master shall charge such offences in accordance with the Merchant Shipping Acts.

f) In all cases of dismissal arising from any intoxication offence(s), the conduct and ability of such staff shall be considered as unsatisfactory. Masters are therefore recommended to enter unsatisfactory or D.R. etc. in the discharge book accordingly.

g) All intoxication offences caused by any officer shall be reported to the Singapore Marine Department and any intoxication offences caused by any officers/crew shall be reported to the Philippines and Myanmar Authorities respectively for disciplinary action.

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