Duties and responsibilities of the duty officer and knowledge of chief officer vacancy tanker

The watch officer must:

Keep up to date with the nearest telephone and local procedures for contacting police, fire and ambulance services. He should also be aware of VHF working channels for port control authorities.

Take detours to inspect the ship at appropriate intervals.

Pay special attention to:

  • Condition and attachment of passageway, passage grid, mooring chain or berths, berths with high rise or fall, especially at the inflow boundary, and if necessary take measures to ensure their normal working condition.
  • The design of the keel clearance and the condition of the ship to avoid hazardous lists or handling during cargo handling or ballasting.
  • weather and sea conditions.
  • Observance of all rules concerning safety and fire protection.
  • Water level in holds and tanks.
  • All persons on board and their whereabouts, especially those in remote or enclosed spaces.
  • Exhibition of any signals or lights.
  • A ship with adequate lighting provides safe means of access and lighting.

In addition to the above, the Watch Officer shall:

In bad weather or after receiving a storm warning, take the necessary measures to protect the ship, personnel and cargo.

Take all reasonable measures to prevent pollution of your environment by your own vessel.

In an emergency that endangers the safety of the vessel, raise the alarm, notify the captain, take all possible measures to prevent any damage to the vessel and, if necessary, seek the assistance of the coastal authorities or neighboring ships.

Be aware of the state of stability, so that in the event of a fire, the fire service can be informed of the approximate amount of water that can be pumped on board without endangering the ship.

Offer help to ships or people in distress.

Take the necessary safety precautions to prevent accidents or damage when turning the screws.

Write in the deck log all the important events that affect the ship.

At the end of any working period, the duty officer must inspect all cargo spaces to ensure that all cargo groups and equipment are safely disconnected, that there is no risk of fire and that all spaces are in all respects protected from weather and unauthorized entry, chief officer vacancy tanker ,the Master said that this order was complied with.

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