Emergency steering gear Guidance and marine chief engineer vacancies

Emergency steering equipment must be tested at least once every three months. The corresponding entry should be made in the Logbook of the engine room recording the test and in the OLB (official logbook) or in the logbook.

Instructions for operating the emergency steering must be posted. More information on SOLAS rules for steering tests can be found in section V SOLAS – Navigation Safety. These rules must be strictly adhered to and considered as minimum requirements.

U.S. CFRs require additional testing before entering U.S. waters that exceed SOLAS requirements.

Constant inspection of cars

Scheduled maintenance is performed by the ship’s personnel and on the basis of the CSM schedule

In addition, some items of equipment have recorded operating hours, and service schedules are based on manufacturer’s recommendations and operating experience.

Responsibility C/E is depending from selected marine chief engineer vacancies, must ensure continuous support of the CSM cycle. Where appropriate, the C/E will organize the promotion of the CSM and send a list of completed issues to Headquarters. The originals of the temporary classification certificates must be kept on board, duplicates must be submitted to the Company.

Strict tubes

Vessels equipped with feed pipes cooled by water with oil should always have enough water in the bottom after the peak (or tanks for cooling the feed pipe) to cover the feed tube before using the main engine.

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