Fire in engine room and chief engineer statup responsibilities

1) Oil units, pumps and fittings

Oil units, pumps and fittings carry the same hazards as oil pipes and the following precautions should be observed:

2) Appropriate screens must be installed to prevent contact with oil that may come out of any oil pump, filter or heater, boilers or other heated surfaces.

3) Insulation or gutters shall be provided under oil pumps, heaters or strainers to trap oil which may be spilled if any cover or door is removed. Similar measures should be taken on the fronts of the furnace to intercept any oil that may come out of the burners. With regard to boilers subject to smelting, special care should be taken to store accumulators and coatings to prevent the spread of any oil spills.

4) Any safety valve installed to prevent overpressure in the oil fuel heater shall be in a closed loop.

5) The main oil valves on the fronts of the furnace must be of the quick-closing type and installed in conspicuous and easily accessible places. It is recommended that they be painted bright red to facilitate identification in emergencies.

6) It is necessary to provide:

Do not allow oil to flow to any burner unless it has been properly connected to the oil line.

Prevent the burner from being removed until the oil the power is turned off.

7) Show the relevant layout of the oil pipeline layout for the management of engineers.

In many cases, the ship’s main engine (or engines) and auxiliary engine (s) are supplied with a single fuel supply or booster pump. Thus, if there is a leak, chief engineer statup, the watchman from his position in the control panel of the machines must stop all equipment when trying to stop a further leak on a faulty machine. Although it is advised that the best course of action may be to stop all equipment, there will be cases when you immediately stop the car on which the leak has developed, and allocate fuel supply. Therefore, in multi-engine installations supplied with the same fuel supply, the adaptation of the means for isolating the fuel supply to individual machines from the position of the machine control should be taken into account.

Control valves and their safety devices connected to duplex filters in oil systems must be designed and maintained in such a way as to prevent the working filter from being opened unintentionally.

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