FIRE IN ENGINE ROOM regulation for applicant, apply to vacancies for chief engineer

Overflow arrangement

Ventilation openings and overflow pipes for all oil tanks must be arranged in such a way that oil cannot spill into the engine room where there is a risk of fire. The overflow from one tank should be to another tank containing the same class of oil, which finally leads to an overflow tank. Air and overflow pipes from this tank should be routed to the open deck and equipped with wire gauze screens at the open ends. The overflow tank must be equipped with a level indicator that operates when the tank is about one-quarter full. Air pipes from oil tanks should also be brought to the open deck and equipped with wire gauze screens at the open end.

Savings of all should be provided under each oil pipe.

Drain pipes installed in sealed apartments should preferably be open pipes, but easily accessible taps will be acceptable and may be necessary if certain watertight compartments can be flooded through the sewer. The height of the stairs around such apartments should be arranged in such a way that a small unfavorable list does not interfere with effective drainage and does not cause overflow.

Sound arrangement must be aware for each candidate , willing to take vacancies for chief engineer too ,

Sound devices and oil level indicators should be such that they will not allow oil to be spilled if they are damaged, and should not leak oil if the tank is overfilled. The use of sensors that require the bottom of the tank to be punctured is not permitted on passenger ships, and it is desirable that their use also be avoided on cargo ships. On the latter, neither round nor flat caliber should be used for fuel oil tanks. However, properly protected lubricating devices having a substantially thick flat glass and self-closing fittings may be fitted to the lubricating oil tanks at each tank connection.

Installing the thermometer

Where thermometers are needed to measure the temperature in oil pipes, they should be placed in appropriate permanent pockets so that damage to the thermometer or its removal does not allow oil to leak.

Heated surfaces

Heated surfaces, especially the exhaust systems of the main and auxiliary diesel engines, must be effectively insulated so that the surface temperature is below the auto-ignition temperature of any oil that may come into contact with them. This insulation must be provided with easily removable areas around joints, flanges, etc. to provide access for standard maintenance.

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