Hand over procedures on tanker fleet during marine jobs

It is Company policy that on tankers, the outgoing Master and Chief Officer remain responsible for the full

and complete loading and discharging operations; they must therefore remain on board until such time, unless

otherwise agreed or authorised by the company in writing.

If an Oil Major Vetting, CDI Inspection etc. is scheduled all off-signing Senior Officers shall remain onboard

and in-charge until after the completion of Vetting / Inspection.

Generally the company requires a handover period of not less than 24 hours for Masters, Chief Engineers and

Chief Officers during marine jobs, unless agreed upon with the company in advance.

All officers are to prepare hand-over notes, highlighting the key aspects of areas of the responsibility

including, information critical to the safe and efficient operation of the vessel, cargo, crew, condition of

equipment and systems, defects and deficiencies, operating limitations / capabilities and additional relevant

details. ,. Masters and Chief Engineers, as applicable, shall post hand-over notes from their department into

the ‘Hand-over’ folder in MIPS.

Sufficient hand over period shall be allowed to ensure that the joining ship staff is familiar with the vessel,

operation and is ready to assume responsibility, except in cases of crew changes carried out under unusual


Before disembarking, Master shall complete the Master’s Hand Over record form, which includes ‘Protocol

of Change of Command’ along with the Quick checklist. In the event of a change in Chief Engineer, the

outgoing Chief Engineer shall complete “Handing Over Form-Engine Department

A relieving Master is to make an appropriate entry in the Deck Log Book and Official Log Book, if carried,

regarding the change of command. Ship Owners is to be notified of the date and time a change of command takes



As soon as practicable after joining the vessel, the Master must ensure that all joining crew members have

undergone the familiarization training specified in Section 5.3 and have familiarized themselves with the


He should complete the shipboard familiarization form, which is entered in the STRB Inventories

The Chief Engineer and Chief Officer, respectively, should check the existence and condition of all items of

working gear carried on board. Any defects should be reported to the Master accordingly.

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