Hot vacancies for seamen in Odessa and Maintenance Work for guidance

Deck/Engine Maintenance Work Books

The Chief Officer and Second Engineer shall maintain a work book for each department, which should contain brief accounts of the daily work done by the ship’s staff. Hot vacancies for seamen in Odessa are available at jobmarineman web portal.The Chief Officer shall include in the work done book full information on all items of deck department maintenance such as greasing schedules, dates of renewing crane/derrick wires, boat falls, touch up painting and all other maintenance particulars. The Second Engineer in his work book shall include details of all work done on the main, auxiliary engines, reefer plant, boilers, cargo pumps, all auxiliaries, pipelines etc. as well as all paint work carried out in the engine room.

The GMDSS designated officer should maintain his own work done book. Similarly, the Electrician should also maintain his own work done book pertaining to all crane, maintenance and other relevant responsibilities.

Log Entries of Repairs

Repairs of major importance or extensive volume, eg unit work, crane wire reversals etc, shall be recorded in the vessel’s log. The respective log entries shall give a brief but clear description of the repairs.

Record of Spares Consumed/Received

Besides making necessary entries in the departmental Spare Parts Inventory book, the Monthly Spare Parts Report, is to be filled in by each department and forwarded to the office showing spares consumed/received for undertaking maintenance or repairs during the month.

Megger Test Reports

Chief Engineer is to ensure that accurate electrical insulation resistance of all electrical machinery is taken by the Electrical Officer and recorded on the form and submitted to the Office at the stipulated period. Immediate attention should be given to machinery which shows abnormally low readings or has been found to be gradually dropping over a period. In this respect it can be considered prudent to have all the main motors mongered before restarting especially after extended port stays in humid areas.

Repair Lists

The Chief Engineer and the Chief Officer shall maintain a register which shall contain an up-to-date list of defects observed and repairs which are within/beyond the capacity of the ship’s staff.

These registers should be kept in the Engine Room and in the Deck Office for allowing

relevant entries to be made by the respective departmental staff and should be scrutinized by the Chief Engineer/Chief Officer for taking necessary corrective action. Items, as and when completed by the ship’s staff, should be deleted from the list.

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