Hot vacancy for chief officer and Guidance of responsibilities


  • Head of deck department and Master’s deputy.
  • Cargo operations and related safety.
  • Interaction with coastal authorities and raising awareness of the Security Management System.
  • Ensuring that the crew on deck adheres to safe working practices defined by the company’s procedures.
  • Identification of potential hazards on board ships related to deck operation and appropriate consultation with the captain.
  • instructing cadets / junior officers / ratings according to appropriate procedures.
  • Stability and related calculations for loading and ballasting.
  • Immediately notify the master of any defects that may affect the safety of the vessel or endanger the marine environment.
  • Assigning deck service officers or assigning them certain roles in relation to the duties of the deck department as defined in the S.M.S.
  • Investigating non-conformance and applying corrective action as agreed with the Master.


Hot vacancy for chief officer, in special cases where the attention of the Chief Officer is regularly required on deck during sea passage, the master may at his discretion require the other navigational officer to perform extra work.
Such extra work may include, but be not limited to, requiring the other officers to keep the navigational watches of the Chief Officer.

The following may be considered as among the special cases.
1)  Where repair or riding teams are onboard for short duration.
2)  Where difficult hold cleaning and preparation is in progress.
3) Where very limited time is available for hold cleaning and preparation.
4) Where difficult or very time limited work is in progress for surveys, inspections or other requirements.

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