Jobatsea manual about Fire escapes and patrols

Regular patrols of accommodation and open decks shall be carried out when the ship is in port. During the night tours of the vessel, on-duty workers must be escorted at sea to report on the condition of the vessel to the personnel who took it over. After completing the rounds, officers must return to their control points, ie the bridge, cargo compartment or engine control rooms, and approve the logbook “Properly leaves”.

Regular inspections of the vessel, determined by the trade of the vessels or cargo as per jobatsea manual, shall be carried out as necessary and at the decision of the master.

Safety equipment and equipment to prevent pollution that exceeds the requirements established by law

Any emergency may be subject to all safety precautions, including equipment that exceeds statutory requirements, and should therefore be maintained in good working order. A similar philosophy applies to equipment for the prevention of pollution that exceeds the requirements established by law.

Therefore, the masters remind that they are responsible not only for maintenance, all safety equipment on board, but also all equipment that exceeds the requirements established by law.

Equipment on board that is expected to be relied upon in situations that affect safety or prevent pollution must be in working order. If such equipment does not work and exceeds the equipment required by the relevant Convention and / or the flag State, it should either be repaired, removed, or if the removal is clearly marked as inoperable and secured.


Emergency generator

The emergency generator is an important part of ship safety equipment, like all other safety equipment, it should be regularly serviced and regularly inspected.

The emergency generator must be tested for a load of at least one hour per month. The results of each test must be recorded in the Logbook of the engine room.

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