Jobs At Sea and Crew health

Ship Manager is committed to protect the health of seafarers and ensure their prompt access to medical care on board

ship and ashore. All medical treatment administered on board and ashore shall be paid for by the company, this will

include all expenses involved in transporting the patient to and from the place where treatment will be provided.

Details on how the company addresses these are available in our company SMS Ship Manager ‘Health

and Hygiene’. Some health-related topics dealt with are:

– Hospital and Medical Facility on board,

– Advisory on diseases and Occupational Hazards,

– Dental treatment,

– Prescription spectacles, etc.

Masters seeking medical care for a seafarer with vessel in port must inform the FPC and the concerned Crew


Additionally, Ship Manager shall run ‘Health Awareness’ Programmes.

Jobs At Sea on Chemical vessel and crew blood tests

All Seafarers who are assigned to the chemical vessels are required to undergo a Chemical Toxicity Blood Test after

completion of their contract and prior joining a vessel in order to assess if there has been any exposure to cargoes

carried. The individual Seafarer shall arrange to have this test carried out with a medical practitioner or other

recognized institution within a week of signing off and immediately prior to joining the next vessel. If there is any

difficulty in arranging this test the Crewing Department is to be informed immediately in order that suitable

arrangements or alternatives can be made.

It is the full responsibility of the Seafarer to arrange and undergo these tests in a timely manner.

All results are to be sent to the Ship Manager Crewing Department and the original certificate is to be retained with the

seafarer’s Medical Certificate. The cost of such test will be reimbursed byShip Manager on production of a valid receipt.

Should a Seafarer fail to carry out the Chemical Toxicity Blood Test after he signs off or prior to joining the vessel,

he will not be re-employed by Ship Manager and any medical related claims will not be considered.


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