Lashings is seaman job

See also under “Preparing for Sea”

Lashings are very often required on our vessels servicing the conventional trades. The lashings are the Master’s responsibility although carried out at times by shore laborers.
The crew is expected to assist in minor lashing assignments and unleash goods at discharge port.
Masters must satisfy themselves that lashings are adequate for the intended voyage.
A good practice is to follow behind the lashing gangs checking their work rather than leaving the inspection to the last moment before departure.
The Master shall ensure the crew treat Charterer’s supplied lashing material and equipment with care.
The Chief Officer shall keep records of supplied lashings and equipment and ensure that damages,
loss and usage are carefully recorded on Charterers forms and in a record book.


Damage to the ship (hold, ladders, bulwarks, lifting gear, etc.) or cargo caused by stevedores
MUST be immediately brought to the attention of the stevedore supervisor, agents and if serious the office.
The extent of damage should be closely examined and documented in a Letter of Protest and via the Notice of Stevedores Damage Form which is specifically designed for this purpose. Both documents should be presented to the stevedore supervisor who should countersign the Notice of Stevedores Damage Form and sign for receipt of the Protest Letter.

If the supervisor refuses to sign the Master, Chief Mate or seaman shall make a note to this effect at the bottom of the damage report.
All damage should be also noted in the deck log book and if applicable the official log.

Master and/or Chief Officer must complete the Damage Report and claim against the party liable for the damages incurred.

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