Making Ready for Arrival on board LNG tanker jobs

To ensure that all vessel’s aids to navigation are operational before the vessel enters narrow waters or harbour areas, the Officer of the Watch shall carry out pre-arrival tests/checks in ample time as per the Owner’s/Manager’s checklist for tests and control.

The results of the checks shall be entered in the Deck Log Book.

Prior to arrival at a port or anchorage, the Master shall familiarize himself with the area using the relevant charts, Pilot books, tide tables, and other relevant publications.

The  agent should be contacted in ample  time  to confirm crucial information such as depths  in  channel  and  alongside,  communication  with  port  authorities  and pilots, mooring arrangements, etc.

A port entry plan shall be prepared in accordance with the instructions contained in “Passage Planning”.

The pilots shall be contacted in good time and boarding position established and procedures.

The engine room is to be notified in ample time before manoeuvres for arrival are intended to commence.

After a period of continuous “AHEAD” running the main engine shall be tested ASTERN” on air and fuel to prove astern operation.

Pre-Berthing Procedures
In ample time before arrival at the designated berth the following procedures shall be complied with:

The Master at LNG tanker jobs decides, if necessary in conjunction with the pilot, the number of tugs required and their disposition.

Sufficient mooring ropes and winches shall be ready for immediate use.

Crew shall be called to stations in ample time.

Engine room shall be informed.

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