Marine vacancies , crew evaluation & promotion

Information explains the Company’s policy and will help those on board to understand the many factors that

are taken into account when assessing an individual’s suitability for promotion. The factor governing

promotion is the availability of a vacant position in the superior rank. Once it has been established that a

vacancy does exist and that it is necessary to affect a promotion, the following factors will be taken into


– Certification.

– Experience/Seniority In Rank

– Performance/Ability based upon recorded Appraisals.

– Satisfactory completion of Officer Promotion Matrix

– Satisfactory completion of Promotion Interview for promotion to Senior Officer Ranks if applicable.

– Psychometric test for senior officers, if not done previously

– Loyalty.

– Training.

– Availability.

For promotion to a Senior Officer position, proposal marine vacancies the selected officer will under normal circumstance be called to the Ship Management Office to attend a promotion interview with either the Crew Manager or Marine Manager or their deputies. When a crew member is promoted, the higher wages start from the date of promotion. A probationary period of three months in superior rank will apply to newly promoted personnel.

All crew that are promoted to and/or within Senior Officer positions will automatically have their

leave pay liquidated to ensure there are no more than 10 days’ remaining.

Master and/or Chief Officer must complete the Damage Report and claim against the party liable for the damages incurred.

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